Learning to Camp

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Learning to camp is now easy and accessible in many Ontario parks. This makes it possible for more people, even those inexperienced in camping, to try and experience what it’s like.

Discovering the joys of camping and the great outdoors can be done by learning to camp at Ontario Parks. For new campers, Ontario Parks provides a variety of materials and programs.

The following advice will help you learn to camp in Ontario Parks:

Attend a Learn to Camp Program

Throughout the camping season, Ontario Parks offer Learn to Camp programs. These courses are geared toward first-time campers and include practical instruction on how to set up a campsite, build a fire, cook outdoors, and more.

Some parks in Ontario offer Learn to Camp programs, which knowledgeable park professionals run. You can pick an ambassador and book their services to help you learn what you must know about camping. The workshop can be done one-on-one or by group, lasting for 30 minutes per session.

A tent, sleeping bags, a stove, cookware, a light, and other camping necessities are included in the Learn to Camp packages available for rent through Ontario Parks. The kits make it simple for new campers to get started without investing in pricey equipment and are available for rent at various sites.

Choose the Best Campsite

While learning to camp, picking a location that offers amenities and services that will improve your experience is crucial. Search for campgrounds with picnic tables, restrooms, and fire pits nearby.

Pack Sensibly

Include everything you’ll need for your trip because you are never too certain if you can buy supplies on the road or near the parks. Think about the activities you intend to do, and bring gear and clothing suited for your planned adventures.

Consider Your Options

Always search before choosing the camping site where you will stay or book an expert’s service to teach you about camping. If you want to go hiking and are a beginner, search for sites with light, short, and easy trails for your fitness level.

You will have a fun and memorable time enjoying Ontario parks when you know the basics about how to camp.

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