Blue Lake Provincial Park

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The Blue Lake Provincial Park in northern Ontario, Canada, measures more than 2000 hectares. It is known worldwide for its breathtaking beauty and nature, and pristine waters. Most of its visitors are people who enjoy the outdoors and love camping, hiking, swimming, and more.

Park Overview

  • Address: PO Box 2, 479 Government St., Dryden, Ontario
  • Established in: 1960
  • Classification: Natural environment
  • Phone Numbers: (807) 227-2601 – for summer (807) 223-7535 – for winter
  • Usage: Camping, day use, etc.
  • Facilities: Trailer dump and fill stations, toilets, showers, roofed accommodation, stand-up paddleboard rental, kayak rental, canoe rental, playground, picnic shelters, bike rental, park store, laundromat, fish cleaning buildings, docks, comfort stations, campsites, RV pull-through campsites, group campsites, electrical campsites, car camping, boat launches, amphitheaters

What To Do?


The Blue Lake’s main attraction is its unspoiled beauty and clear waters. The lake’s shores have beaches and picnic spaces. You can bring food and enjoy eating with your company while enjoying the beauty that surrounds you.

Canoeing and Kayaking

You can explore the clear waters of the lake with beautiful nature as your backdrop when you go canoeing and kayaking.


The lake is home to many fish species. They include the walleye, northern pike, and smallmouth bass.


The park is home to many trails in the woodlands and along the lake. For one, the Blue Lake Lookout Trail gives breathtaking views of the lake from a high vantage point. It’s a 5.5-kilometer track suited for hikers of all experience levels.

Wildlife oObservation

The park is a fantastic location to see wildlife, including moose, black bears, beavers, and otters. The park is also home to a rich bird population, which includes loons, herons, and ospreys.


Various camping choices are available if you’re considering visiting Blue Lake Provincial Park. The park has more than 150 campsites, including remote locations you can only reach by canoeing or trekking.

Overall, Blue Lake Provincial Park is a stunning location for nature lovers. It’s an undiscovered jewel of northern Ontario that you will enjoy alone or with family and friends. You can reserve accommodation early to ensure you’ll have a spot to unwind and relax when you get to the park.

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