Keeping Up With the Tradition – Christmas Bird Count

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The National Audubon Society has been conducting the Christmas Bird Count, an annual event, for more than a century. It is a time when bird watchers and conservationists gather to count and catalog the various bird species found in a certain location.

Bird Studies Canada is in charge of organizing the event in Canada.

Every year, the event, which takes place between mid-December and early January, is a must-attend for bird enthusiasts, researchers, and environmentalists. It provides crucial information that aids in protecting and preserving bird species and their habitats by gathering data on bird populations and their distribution.

For bird watchers and wildlife lovers, the Christmas Bird Count is a fantastic way to engage in citizen science and support the conservation of birds. Regardless of age or skill level, everybody is welcome to attend the event.

Teams are formed, and participants are allocated a region to explore for, typically, a day. After that, they spend the day keeping track of the number of birds they see and the various species they encounter.

Ontario, a province in Canada, is perfect for the Christmas Bird Count because of its wide variety of bird species. Over 500 bird species, some uncommon and endangered, may be found throughout the province. Bird lovers can contribute to collecting data on the number and distribution of these species by participating in the event.

Bird watchers can contribute to bird conservation efforts in addition to taking part in the count by working with regional conservation groups or making donations. Additionally, several birding paths and birdwatching occasions throughout the year offer chances to see and learn about various bird species.

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