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Officially, Frontenac Provincial Park has approximately 160 km of trails. The staff arrived at this figure by counting the total distance of every loop and adding how far the trail-heads are from the Park Office. This number is not the same as saying how many distinct kilometres of trails there are Frontenac Park because some loops have common segments.

Although the distances from the Park Office are included, it is not necessary to start each hike from the Park Office. From late spring to late fall, the Big Salmon Lake Road is open allowing you to drive and park your car (Big Salmon Lake and Arab Lake parking lots) close to where many loops start.

Note also that the times given are really rough guidelines. There are too many variables. Some hikers like to get a good aerobic workout while others prefer looking at every blade of grass. There is no way to give an accurate measure.

Trail descriptions are taken word-for-word from plaques displayed at the Park Office.

Trail Location Map

Small map of Frontenac Park showing trails general area

Trail Loops

Arab Lake Gorge Loop

This loop is serviced by and extensive boardwalk and gives visitors an excellent close up look at the flora and fauna of the Arab Lake Gorge.

Arkon Lake Loop

This loop occurs on the west of the Park. It features excellent views of Arkon and Birch Lakes and their adjacent forested hills. This loop also includes the Arkon Lake Bog, a fine example of a ring Bog.

Big Salmon Lake Loop

This loop goes completely around the shoreline of Big Salmon Lake. The trail features the shoreline forest and cliffs of the lake and includes several lookouts.

Cedar Lake Loop

This loop features the largest complex of wetlands within the park. All phases of wetland as well as ridge succession are evident along this trail.

Doe Lake Loop

This loop skirts two beaver ponds, climbs to a lookout over Doe Lake and returns along the shore of Otter Lake. The trail explores some of the landforms found in the southern zone of Frontenac Provincial Park.

Gibson Lake Loop

This loop follows the original route of an old logging road for part of its length. The trail examines the geology of the Hardwood Bay area on Devil Lake. The site of an old log cabin on Hardwood Bay are also featured.

Hemlock Lake Loop

This loop follows the original route of an old logging road for part of its length. The site of an old logging shanty near Hemlock Lake is also featured.

Little Clear Lake Loop

This loop examines the sites of several abandoned homesteads developed in the 19th century in the area of Little Clear Lake.

Little Salmon Lake Loop

This trail explores the area of the park around Little Salmon Lake and features an excellent view of Moulton Gorge.

Slide Lake Loop

This loop is located in the most rugged part of the Park. The trail crosses Labelle Gorge and passes a series of waterfalls which drop 16 metres from Slide Lake to Buck Lake. This loop features an excellent view of Mink and Camel Lakes and the ridge and trough landscape of this area of the Park.

Tetsmine Loop

This loop explore an area typical of the Park's northern zone. Marble ridges, rock outcrop and mature deciduous forests are featured. This loop also examines man's influence in the area. Portions of an old log slide, abandoned mica mines and the remains of the McNally homestead on Kingsford Lake are evident along the trail.

Other Trails

The Corridor Trail

The Corridor Trail starts at the Park Office and goes north to Big Salmon Lake. It parallels the Big Salmon Lake Road and leads to other loops. In winter, it becomes a popular cross-country ski trail.

The Bufflehead Trail

The Bufflehead Trail bisects the Arkon Lake Loop providing the opportunity for visitors to hike a loop of about 8 km starting and ending at the Arab Lake parking lot.

The Dedication Trail

The Dedication Trail bisects the Cedar Lake Loop providing the opportunity for visitors to hike 2 loops (North loop: 8.6 km, South loop: 9.8 km) starting and ending at the Arab Lake parking lot.

The "Birch Lake" Trail

This unnamed piece of trail of about 3 km links the Tetsmine Lake Loop to the Arkon Lake Loop. It follows the scenic shore of Birch Lake.

"Small" Slide Lake Loop (9 km)

This loop circumscribes beautiful Slide Lake. It is also designated as a side loop of the Rideau Trail. Many people access this loop from the east side (Perth Road) through the Rideau Trail.

Rideau Trail

The Rideau Trail is 300 km long and joins Kingston to Ottawa. The Rideau Trail is designated by an orange triangle and passes through the southern section of the Park. It shares sections of the Corridor Trail, Cedar and Slide Lake loops. Note that if you are hiking the Rideau Trail and would like to camp in the Park, you must still reserve and pay for your campsite.

Summary Table of Trails and Distances

Summary of Trails and Distances
Trail Name From Park Office Loop Distance Time (approx.)
Arab Lake Gorge 0 km 1.5 km 30 min
Arkon Lake 1.9 km 11 km 3-5 hrs
Big Salmon Lake 4.5 km 17 km 5-7 hrs
Cedar Lake 1.8 km 14 km 4-6 hrs
Doe Lake 0 km 3 km 1 hr
Gibson Lake 11.5 km 9 km 5-6 hrs
Hemlock 9.5 km 5 km 3-5 hrs
Little Clear Lake 7.5 km 7 km 3-5 hrs
Little Salmon Lake 3.5 km 10 km 3-5 hrs
Slide Lake 4.6 km 21 km 7-9+ hrs
Tetsmine Lake 9.6 km 10 km 5-6 hrs

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