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Canoe Portage Distances

Please refer to the Park Map (158 Kb, pdf format) for portage location. The portage markers are yellow.

Portage Distances
From To Distance (m)
Black Lake Little Clear Lake 503
Black Lake Bear Lake 977
Buck Lake Slide Lake 81
Otter Lake Doe Lake 341
Birch Lake Arkon Lake 393
Birch Lake Clearwater Lake 1003
Kingsford Lake Devil Lake 761
Devil Lake Moulton Lake 653
Devil Lake Bear Lake 572
Devil Lake Big Clear Lake 898
Big Clear Lake Black Lake 666
Big Clear Lake Labelle Lake 190
Labelle Lake Big Salmon Lake 491
Big Salmon Lake Camel Lake 453
Big Salmon Lake Little Salmon Lake 974
Little Salmon Lake Little Clear Lake 856
Big Salmon Lake Little Clear Lake 923
Birch Lake Little Salmon Lake 1138
Arab Lake Parking Lot Arab Lake 173

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