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Friends of Frontenac Park Volunteer Guide and Host Programmes


What do Volunteers do at Frontenac Park ?


Who Are Volunteer Guides?

The Volunteer Guides are members of the Friends of Frontenac Park Co-operating Association, which operates collaboratively with Parks Ontario. Volunteer Guides are regular visitors to the Park who assist the activities of full-time staff while hiking in the Park. The programme started in 1992, and has grown considerably since then. Well over a thousand hours of volunteer time are provided annually.


Why Are Guides Needed?

Frontenac Park covers a large area - seventy-one square kilometres - of principally wilderness terrain. It has 100 km of trails and numerous portages, plus 48 interior campsites. There is a very small permanent staff, which is supplemented by seasonal help. Resources are budget dependent, and are ever-shrinking. Volunteer Guides assist Park operations by dealing with minor maintenance needs and locating major problems so that the efforts of full-time staff can be focused where needed. They also perform a valuable service in public relations by talking to visitors on the trail or at their campsites.


What Do Volunteer Guides Do?

Quite simply, they act as an extension of the eyes and ears of the regular Park staff, in addition to performing minor trail maintenance. They inform visitors about the Park, its special features, hiking and canoeing opportunities and the Wilderness Skills Programmes-and they relay visitor comments back to the staff. By maintaining trails, reporting needs for major work, and talking with visitors, they promote safer, sounder and more informed use of the Park.


Who Can Be a Volunteer?

Any member of the Friends of Frontenac Park can become a Volunteer Guide. You must be willing to volunteer time to visit the Park during the summer months especially, though the Guides operate all year round. Familiarity with the Park is an asset, though it can be acquired through participation. You must be comfortable with passing on knowledge about the Park to visitors.


Is There Training?

A training session is offered by Park staff and Friends each Spring for new Volunteers. Those becoming interested later in the year can be accommodated until full training by pairing with an existing Volunteer Guide and learning from them for a few outings. The training provides instruction on the essential information about the Park, its history, natural history, services and regulations, plus guidance on public relations and Park services, followed by an on-trail session explaining the requirements for proper trail maintenance and safety.


How Much Time Do I have To Spend If I Volunteer?

That is up to the individual, though volunteers typically visit seven to ten days over the summer. Scheduling is on an informal basis.


What If I Am Interested In Helping At The Park, But Do Not Wish To Hike Regularly?

The Friends has another project - the Volunteer Host Programme. Volunteer Hosts help in and around Frontenac Park Park Office. They assist the regular staff by taking time to provide visitors with information about the Park:


Are There Other Volunteer Programmes?

In addition to the Friends' Volunteer Guide and Host Programmes, the Ministry of Natural Resources accepts volunteers to work in the Park under the direction of Ministry staff. This type of work may be specific construction projects, assisting in staff enforcement patrols or campsite maintenance.


Who Do I Contact For Further Information?

If you want to know more or are interested in assisting with any of the volunteer programmes at Frontenac Park, please contact:

The Friends of Frontenac Park,
P.O. Box 2237,
Ontario K7L 5J9

or leave a message with the office at Frontenac Park (613)-376-3489.

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